A Little About Me

What I Have Worked On
Avionté Recruiting Software
European Patent Organization
Care Coordinator App for Mayo Clinics
OptumRx Mobile and Tablet App
Not Me Campaign
Harken Health
Expecting App
Link (Digital Health Network Platform)
Caregiver Co-pilot
eSync Health Portal
Blue Button Initiative
Eaton Corporation
Boston Scientific
Health Partners

Cool Facts About Me
- I am a graduate of the UnitedHealth Group “Emerging Leadership Program”; an exclusive program designed to develop future leaders. Only 100 individuals are nominated for this program each year.
- I used to be a forensic animator, and recreated crime scenes for police investigations.
- I am a HUGE “Doctor Who” fan – Allonsy!
- I am an avid kick-boxer.
- I have three kids and four dogs.
- When I have a spare moment, I love to get my geek on and play video games. I
even been known to roll a d20 from time-to-time.